Decision Time :)

I have a pretty big decision to make in the next two weeks….

But let me back up for a sec. I was in grad school for sports management two years ago. I only completed a year and haven’t finished my degree yet. I was also getting paid to obtain my degree, as a graduate assistant working in the athletics department.

But since I’ve moved to Arizona, that’s not the case anymore. About two weeks ago, I was accepted at Arizona State to transfer my master’s units over there, but I would have to start from scratch with a totally new major (French Comparative Literature). I originally applied for a TAship, but was told funding would be cut in the next academic year, so I’d have to pay out-of-state tuition in full, by myself.

No thanks.

But yesterday… (you see where this is going) I received a TAship offer letter! School and insurance paid in full by the university, along with a monthly stipend, provided I teach two French undergrad courses and hold office hours.

I’ve taught English in France, majored in French and English as an undergrad, worked in professional sports, worked in collegiate athletics and was a journalist for a sports page. Oh yeah, and while I’m working for the Diamondbacks here, I’ve also been tutoring and subbing for high school classes.

So, do I want to go to grad school and push my interests more towards academic? Or do I want to continue pursuing my athletics profession (which is rooted in about five years of experience now)? OR, can I do both at the same time?! I mean, I kind of already am.

Anyways, I have two weeks to accept or deny my admission and I’m super excited, but also quite nervous! I haven’t written or spoken academic French in several years. And oh yeah, have I mentioned that there is a graduate study/TA abroad semester option in your second year….?

I’m excited to see what my future has in store for me :)

Suggestions/comments on my upcoming decision are welcomed and appreciated!!! :)


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9 responses to “Decision Time :)

  1. Here’s my two cents worth. I think you can never go wrong with more education. Just because you get a new degree doesn’t mean that you have pigeon-holed yourself into academia. If anything, it just opens more doors for you. When you are done, even if you decide not to pursue anything in that field, it will always look good on paper and you can use it as a testament to your drive and ambition.

    Of course, I’m 31 and still in school….so take my advice with a grain of salt. :grin:

  2. As someone who’s made several big life decisions/changed in the past six weeks (the most recent one only yesterday),my best advice is go with your gut. It’s a strangely hard thing to do, but there’s usually one option that feels a tiny bit more “right”. That said, well done for all the opportunities!!

  3. Oh wow- that’s an awesome opportunity! Although I’m jealous of what you’re currently doing! Ugh… quite the decision. Either way- you know it’s going to be something you’re interested in…

  4. Wow, honestly, I think both are great opportunities and was thinking which one I would go for and couldn’t decide. Whatever you chose, I am sure you will be happy :)

  5. Would more French maybe mean being able to do something with French/Canadian sports teams later on? :-) Free school is always a hard offer to turn down, and I agree with Katie that more education is always a good choice. Can you still volunteer at games at the school on weekends or something, to satisfy that part of you? Or start a French department softball team, play against the other language departments :-p

  6. Oh wow! You have some big decisions to make! I know you’ll make the right one, though! :)

  7. Wow! Congratulations to you! What a huge accomplishment! You’ve got a big decision to make! Do what is best for you! You will make the right decision!

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  9. :shock: I don’t know how you can say Big Decision with a SMILE after it haha. I’m nervous FOR you!
    Good luck!!

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